Aug 07 2009

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Journal of E-business Technology & Strategy Contents

Volume 6, Issue 4

Customer Credit Scoring Method Based on the SVDD Classification Model with Imbalanced Dataset

Authors: Bo Tian, Lin Nan, Qin Zheng, Lei Yang (pp. 188-203)

Research on Group Decision-making Mechanism of Internet Emergency Management

Authors: Kefan Xie, Gang Chen, Wu Qian, Zhao Shi (pp. 204-226)

The Consistency and Ranking Method Based on Comparison Linguistic Variable

Authors: Qisheng Zhao, Fajie Wei, Shenghan Zhou (pp. 227-236)

IT Operational Risk Measurement Models Based on Internal Loss Data of Banks

Author: Xiaoling Hao (pp. 237-249)

The Knowledge Transfer Factors under Different Perspectives

Authors: Yuanhua Hu, Lili Xue (pp. 250-260)


Journal of E-business Technology & Strategy Contents

Volume 6, Issue 3

Envisioning the Next Generation Cellular Client

Authors: Chandra S. Amaravadi, George Mangalaraj, Sumesh Philip, VenuGopal Balijepally

The Importance of Language Quality in Information Systems Development Processes

Author: Marianne Corvera

SOA 3.0, Cloud Computing and SaaS: A New Frontier

Author: Atif Farid Mohammad

A Framework for Transitioning Enterprise Web Services from XML-RPC to REST

Authors: Sean Kennedy, Owen Molloy



Journal of E-business Technology & Strategy Contents

Volume 6, Issue 2

Security Features and Technologies for E-business Architecture Design

Authors: Hao Chen and Jean-Pierre Corriveau (pp. 103-127)

A web-based GIS Decision Support Systems for managing and planning South-to-North Water Transfer Project in China

Authors: Vincent Y.D. Liu (pp. 128-142)

Self-Directed Creativity in Web 2.0-Based Online Communities: Research Model and Exploratory Study

Authors: Mario Schaarschmidt and Harald VonKortzfleisch (pp. 143-166)

The Determinants of Extent of Internet/E-business Technologies Use by SMEs in Maritime Canada: An Analysis

Authors: Princely Ifinedo (pp. 167-189)

An integrated model for the Implementation of ERP systems

Authors:Tariq Bhatti (pp. 190-202)

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